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What is Pay Per Click?

Advertising has been a core of the Internet since the earliest days. Ad platforms like Google Ads enable businesses to bid on placement on both popular search engines and websites that serve ads using the platform. Pay per click refers to a payment arrangement in which the advertiser pays on a “per click” basis based on both their bid and the relevance of the ad they are serving.

Why advertise online?

Online advertising offers advertisers the opportunity to reach highly targeted and segmented web users. With the depth of tracking that many ad networks provide, you can segment your audiences and serve highly targeted ads based on a number of different factors. Traditional advertising doesn’t provide anywhere near the same level of control over advertising as online advertising does.

On top of the segmentation benefits, it gives you more tracking to know what your ads are doing and the value you are receiving from those ads. This is valuable information for any advertising to be able to use.

Why hire us?

Webmedia.ltd has a strong background in developing highly competitive pay per click campaigns with in-depth reporting. Our campaign don’t just produce results, but they produce insight on the audience being reached and how they interact with the brand. We offer a variety of pay per click solutions aimed at helping businesses with their own unique advertising needs. Pay per click advertising is not a “one-size fits all” marketing solution, and we strive to connect businesses with the best solution for their individual needs.

Our Process


During the discovery phase of a campaign we connect with the advertiser to better understand their core business, their target audiences, and the methodology they use to reach that audience. Branding requirements are obtained so be able to develop creative ads that use established branding protocols. Our ad experts will develop a plan of action approved by the client to ensure the campaign is as expected by the client.


Strategy development involves identifying the target channels for pay per click advertising and to determine which audiences to target. Keyword research is performed to determine which keywords to target in search terms. Additional research is done through display advertising to identify common channels that have a strong correlation with the target audience.


Building effective ads takes time and testing. Our pay per click experts will design multiple variations of a single ad and test them through A/B testing to work out which types of ads produce results, and which do not work well with the target audience. Creative work includes creating textual ads, display ads, and specialized landing pages that offer the prospective buyer a streamlined approach to give each engagement the best chance of resulting in a sale or preferred action.


We use industry-leading software to partially automate the implementation of our campaigns while using granular research and tools to ensure that each part of the campaign is given the attention it needs to succeed. Our campaigns are implemented quickly and testing tools are used to track each and every ad to determine its relative performance. Ads that fail to produce are removed and ads based on real data are implemented to get the best performance possibly out of your campaign.


Ongoing management of a pay per click campaign involves a number of different testing methods and statistics. Each text or display ad and every landing page is tested to ensure its merit in the campaign. Conversion tracking and CPC reduction processes help improve performance by reducing the overall cost of the campaign while achieving more with the same results.


We generate regular reports and can provide timely information on how a campaign is performing including the average cost per conversion, which channels are producing the best results, and further efforts that can be invested in to get the most value out of a campaign. We work with our clients to ensure they are getting all of the information they need to understand where their customers are coming from and which initiatives produce the best results.

Components of a Successful Campaign

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