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Why use LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is the leading social media network for professionals. Since LinkedIn serves a growing audience of professionals which use it for both business opportunities and lead generation, it can be a powerful tool for both recruiters and sales professionals. With over 500 million users, LinkedIn commands a large audience looking to build business relationships with other professionals and with companies that offer world-class products and services.

How can LinkedIn help my business?

Many businesses use LinkedIn for two purposes, (1) lead generation and (2) recruiting. A proper LinkedIn strategy ensures your business has a strong presence on the LinkedIn network which can help attract higher quality candidates in addition to those searching the network for different businesses to work with. LinkedIn becomes a powerful lead generation tool, a powerful lead converter, and a great way to find the right person for the job.

How can webmedia.ltd help me?

Lead Generation

LinkedIn is a crucial marketing channel for businesses looking for B2B leads. Our approach to lead generation involves an in-depth analysis into the audience a client targets and creates a powerful content and social strategy to create engagement with the target audience. We focus on first establishing our clients as authoritative figures within their respective industries. This creates a sense of trust and transparency between the brand and those that actively engage with it. Once this has been established, our content creators develop insight with the audience that reminds them of the value of the products or services being offered. This creates lead generation opportunities.

Our LinkedIn campaigns generate leads which have a higher rate of conversion due to the direct relevance of the audience and their trust in the brand.


Our LinkedIn management services focus on establishing a client’s brand as a leading resource for prospective buyers. Talented professionals are always looking to work with leading brands for both the experience and the ability to work on better projects. Our LinkedIn marketing professionals understand how to create innovative content, online engagement, and optimized business pages to appeal to quality talent. We connect our clients with increasingly talented professionals who can help bring their brand to the next level.