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Why use Twitter for business?

Twitter serves as one of the largest social media platforms on the web. Since it takes the format of quick posts and a single timeline for accessibility, it serves as a fast-paced way to get information for a lot of users. When you think about it as a feed of news and information, it can be a great way for users to keep tabs on what is important to them.

Businesses have an opportunity to build a following and leverage that following for lead generation. It can also serve as a platform for engaging with buyers to receive feedback, assist them, and market to them.

What We Do

Our Twitter management services offer businesses ample opportunities for growth, lead generation, and marketing benefit.


One of the most important aspects of having a presence on Twitter is having a strong following. Our Twitter management experts understand how to create engaging posts that entice social users into following. Having a large following ensures that your messages are seen by a wide audience. Our approach to growth involves learning about the audience your products and services cater to and determining the best messages and creatives to offer them to entice Twitter users into following.

Lead Generation

Having a strong presence on Twitter can offer great value to a business looking for leads. We produce Twitter campaigns which leverage the growth achieved to provide sales leads from a highly relevant and invested audience. Lead generation involves producing catered landing pages based on which social activities the buyer engages with and conversion optimization strategies to give sales representatives as much information as needed to give them the best chance to close business.

Content Generation

Due to the limited nature of Twitter it can be difficult to develop meaningful content that fits the structure. Our Twitter creative experts understand how to work within the constraints the social platform affords to create eye-catching posts that lead to strong engagement. Social content is developed to offer a “call to action” leading to increased lead generation and conversions while producing content that feels natural to the target audience.


We represent our clients through social media. Our social media team understands what the brands we represent are about. Each person involved in online communications is trained to understand each of the products and services provided by the brand to best assist those reaching out over Twitter. We work with internal resources to get the right answers to the right Twitter users ensuring existing customers are handled appropriately and to provide information to potential customers for greater lead generation capabilities.