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What are Zalo Ads?

Rolled out in 2012, Zalo is the most popular mobile messaging app in Vietnam, thanks to its striking speed and stability commensurate with the local internet infrastructure.

With 52 million monthly active users, the app records over 1 billion messages, 50 million calling minutes, and 45 million pictures per day.

Besides its messaging function, Zalo has also boasted many other features, catering to different users’ needs.

Therefore, Zalo becomes an amazing channel which is able to quickly engagement, this will be a new choice for enterprises that wants to promote brand as well as develop their business.

Why use Zalo Ads?

  • Reach the right people at the right time based on age, gender, geography, device,…
  • Opportunity to reach 100 million of Zalo users in Vietnam
  • Easily optimize advertisement and budget planning
  • Increasing number of fan in Zalo Official Account of business/shop
  • Easily to advertise products to potential customers

How do we help?

We provide full Zalo marketing services includes: Zalo Marketing strategic planning; Create/Manage Zalo Page & Content development & engagement; Advertising on Zalo…

You only pay for Zalo Ads by clicks (CPC). Cost per click depends on campaign target audiences; product/brand category; content (image+text) of the ads… You decide number of clicks by your budget and timeline. So, the cost depends on many factors as your marketing goal, your marketing budget, timeline and product/campaign content…