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What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media has become both a hot topic in the marketing realm and a misconception for a lot of businesses. It is a communication channel that allows a business to share its offerings and knowledge with the rest of the world. Social media marketing focuses on building and maintaining a connection to a relevant audience in order to leverage that audience for business growth and customer satisfaction.

By building a social presence, a business can have a dedicated channel of interested social media users that they can market their products or services to. It also opens up a channel of communication where clients are likely to communicate, giving customer support an additional way to assist. Building a positive social following will increase a potential client’s view of the brand and the value of the product or service they are interested in.

How is it Relevant to My Business?

While the impact of social media is going to vary based on the type of business, the industry they compete in, and their target audience, social media has an impact on nearly every single industry in the world. Chances are your biggest competitors have a social media presence and they are using it for both lead generation and to expand the impact of their brand. Every major development is most likely being shared on social media and key influencers take notice

Social media is relevant to your business due to it being a powerful branding tool and a way to connect with key influencers and figures in your industry. It also serves as a lead generation tool when handled properly and a great way to get quality content out there to increase consumer confidence in what you have to offer. Being seen as an authority has its perks.

Additionally, there is an SEO benefit when investing in social media. It is common knowledge that search engines like Google value social media engagement when considering which pages to include in their results.

Social Media Usage

Social media usage among adult consumers is ever increasing year after year. Social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter have seen exponential growth over the past few years, making it increasingly important for brands to capture those audiences.

Statistic: Average % of adult social media users.

Source: Pew Research Center

What We Do

Account Creation

Our social media experts can build social media accounts that take advantage of unique branding and marketing messages using an organic approach. A gentle balance of marketing and professionalism will go a long way. We perform the research to understand how the best brands conduct themselves and develop a presence that compliments the style while making the brand stand out on its own.

Content Creation

Our social media managers are experts in building quality social posts. We can work with your content team to develop meaningful social posts that share the content or develop unique content for use on social media. We can work with internal teams or connect with experts that understand the space to develop meaningful and engaging content.

Channel Management

Our social experts can handle communications across all social channels. We can work with your team to answer questions, handle issues, and share new developments your company has made with your social following. We pride ourselves on quick and accurate responses to help build your brand on social media and to protect a positive reputation.


We can work with your internal resources to help them understand social media and how to approach different topics.

Our Social Media Expertise

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