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Building the Mobile Web

Mobile technologies have greatly evolved or the past five years. It has become increasingly important for web designers and businesses to respect the mobile web as a large percentage of web traffic comes from mobile devices. Cell phones, tablets, and even laptops have become a large source of traffic as consumers are increasingly connected while on the go.

We design and develop websites with the mobile web in mind. Responsive design has influenced the online landscape to a point where the mobile web even affects search engine optimization performance. In order to succeed online in highly competitive markets, it is essential for businesses to respect mobile web design.

Responsive Web Design

We design websites that act responsively. The shape and structure of pages are designed with multiple devices in mind, allowing for the same website to be accessible from all of the modern devices end users may visit it from. Our designers use custom and industry-standard tools to test the interface, content, and visual nature of a website across Android, iOS, and desktop experiences of all kinds to ensure that a premium web experienced is delivered across the board.

Website Conversion

Our designers can take your existing website and rebuild it with the same features and functionality optimized for the mobile web. We have ample experience in converting websites to work across both touch devices and those that handle interactivity through a mouse and keyboard. The conversion process is handled by a special team of designers and developers that understand the importance of keeping the original look and feel, functionality, and branding strategy while implementing required changes to make it all work with modern technology.

Content Management Systems

We work with a variety of existing content management systems and can design your website around ensuring you have full control over your content. Whether you’re using WordPress, Drupal, or another CMS solution, our team can design a website using built-in functions to deliver an exceptional web experience without limiting the creativity or control your company has over the website. We can also work to ensure custom features and functional remain compatible with the new design.

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