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What is Yandex Advertising?

Home to over 100 million Internet users and being the seventh largest audience in the world, Russia is a promising market for businesses to grow. The best way to penetrate this market is through Yandex Advertising.

Yandex Advertising is an effective form of search engine marketing to the Russian-speaking market, delivering highly targeted ads on both search and display networks. It covers not only Russia, but also countries like Kazakhstan, Belarus, Turkey and Ukraine.

Why use Yandex Advertising?

Yandex Advertising, gives you the potential to reach over 60% of Russian-speaking internet users.

There are a variety of ad formats from which you can choose: text only ads, text and image ads, image only ads, video ads, dynamic ads, smart banners, search banners, and display campaigns.

Yandex gives you greater control over your marketing investment;with budget setting at the ad level.

You are only required to pay for clicks on search ads and for valid impressions on display ads. The price of an ad click is determined by an auction and the quality of the ad itself. These ads will only be served to relevant users who have an interest in your products or services; allowing you to maximize your budget with qualified results.

Why Use Yandex Ads Management?

Yandex Advertising allows you to reach numerous marketing objectives. Whether you are looking to increase your brand awareness, convert users to purchase, retarget old customers or boost repeat purchases. Our team of Yandex specialists at Island Media Management can set up effective ads to reach your objectives.

We select high-quality keywords that are relevant to your business. Depending on your objectives, our team will formulate a strategy to ensure your budget is used efficiently and effectively. On top of that, our team will also review the landing page experience of your landing page url, so that users will see relevant results for their search queries.

How can webmedia.ltd help me?

Promote your products or services with Yandex Advertising. Gain control over your marketing budget and see results for your business. Our team of digital marketing specialists has been trusted by leading international brands.