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SEO for International Businesses

International businesses struggle to compete from a search perspective due to the scope of their involvement in multiple markets. Our multilingual SEO services aim to provide a search marketing strategy which involves optimizing in search engines for multiple languages in multiple regions. Our digital marketing staff involves professionals around the world that make use of our powerful search marketing infrastructure.

Search results in one market are not going to be the same in another. This is true for even the same search engine in another market. Google results in the United States are not going to produce the exact same results in the United Kingdom. Due to the nature of how search engines work, an international company needs to focus on efforts that will yield results across all of their markets rather than optimizing with only one in mind.

How We Do It

Website Analysis

Before our SEO experts begin putting together a strategy for improving the search rankings in each region a thorough analysis is performed on the website. Understanding the size and structure of the website and how it serves different markets is crucial to being able to optimize the website using best practices. This may require a code review in addition to an external look at the website to implement changes that search engines often require for businesses that compete in multiple markets. During this time a plan is formulated for each particular market with a set of keywords to be utilized, changes to be made on-page, and a different approach to off-page based on the resources those markets value.

On Page Optimization

On page elements are updated based on best practices and the keyword research performed by our SEO experts. On page elements including the H1 and H2 tags used on content pages are often how search engines determine the purpose of a page. The internal link structure is assessed to ensure that it makes sense from both a user experience perspective and from a search marketing perspective. A content analysis is performed to ensure duplicate content isn’t being served and to detect situations where different content could be delivered to different users which can affect search performance.

Off Page Optimization

Different strategies are implemented in different markets to ensure that the strategy caters to both the competitive aspect of the campaign with different market competitors and to account for different online resources in each market. This often involves ensuring proper business listings are being held in each market, developing relationships with online publications in each market, and creating unique and engaging content that targets different audiences. Tracking is implemented during the campaign to determine how the website is performing across different search engines in different markets to make adjustments on a per-market basis.

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