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Why should my business use Pinterest?

Pinterest is a unique opportunity for product brands to use visual storytelling to reach online audiences. Through Pinterest thousands of brands have seen a significant increase in their sales through the visual nature of how pins work on the social network. If your brand relies on a catchy product with a great visual nature, Pinterest is a natural fit.

According to the Pew Research Center 29% of all U.S. adults use Pinterest. Pinterest commands a large audience and provides users with the ability to categorize and share the different photos and products that they find on the website. This means sharing your products in an engaging way can reach a large audience that has a direct interest in the products you offer.

What can webmedia.ltd do for me?

webmedia.ltd helps businesses leverage Pinterest in a number of different ways:

Audience Research

Finding and understand your audience on Pinterest can be a challenge for any business. While you may understand the people that generally purchase your products, your audience online can differ. Our process for developing a Pinterest marketing strategy involves determining your core audiences on the social network in order to better understand how they use the social network. This ensures that promoted pins and other marketing messages are tailored to the audience.

Competitive Research

Chances are you have competition in the space. With Pinterest being one of the largest social media channels, many businesses have already gotten the head start on leveraging the social media network as a marketing channel. Our Pinterest experts conduct competitive research to better understand who your key competitors are, how they use the social network, and what efforts are required to be competitive to those brands.

Content Creation

Your visual content or pins are the center of your campaign. Our Pinterest experts understand how to make an attractive post, how to connect it naturally with your target audience, and how to reach key influencers on the platform. We handle all of the hard work in content creation and syndication.

Conversion Optimization

We go above and beyond growing an audience on the social network. Optimizing conversions means taking a look at the entire flow of the user finding the pin, clicking on the website, and converting into a paying customer. Our conversion optimization experts work to optimize the user experience to give your Pinterest campaign the best possible chance to convert an audience member into a paying customer.