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Growth Marketing for Mobile Apps

The marketplace for mobile apps is growing at an ever-increasing rate. Apple, Google, and Amazon all have strong mobile app market places that cater to different audience. The one thing that ties them together is the growing audience of mobile app users and the growing number of mobile apps available. With thousands of vendors competing on different platforms for the eyes of a growing number of mobile users, it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd.

Our mobile app marketing services aim to not only identify key places to target mobile app users, but to identify the most effective way to capture their attention over the competition.

Our Process


Prior to building your mobile app strategy our experts invest time in better understanding your mobile app, the problems it solves, and the audiences that would most likely be aligned with that problem. During this time, we check out what sets the mobile app apart from the competition and how the brand differentiates itself. This gives our team a thorough understanding of the application and gives them the best opportunity to build a powerful marketing presence.

Competitive Intelligence

Checking out the competition is a crucial part of planning a mobile app marketing strategy. Generally speaking every mobile app has its role in a marketplace, but there are hundreds of apps competing for the attention of the same audience. Our experts spend the time to understand who the competitors are in the space, what they are doing in terms of marketing, and how those brands present themselves to stand out from others in their space. Through understanding the competition’s role in the marketplace, our experts can build a marketing strategy to stand out from others in the competitive markets.

Channel Analysis

Different channels require a different approach and hold different audiences. Whether it is through in-app display ads, prominent placement in app stores, or using other channels such as Google Ads or influencer marketing to get your app in front of a relevant audience, our experts research all of the relevant channels that can acquire mobile app users. Each channel is compared in terms of potential for acquisition, the type of message that needs to be used to achieve success, and the investment that would be made to achieve it.


Our team implements the mobile app marketing strategy across the board. Each aspect of your strategy is detailed and tracked to compare results across different channels and to help you understand where you’re acquiring your audience. We offer 24/7 reporting to our clients to give them the most access possible to important statistics so they can cater the development of their mobile app to their most important audiences.


The work of a mobile app marketer is never done. We continue to monitor different channels and key competitors to understand how different developments will affect marketing initiatives. Continued reassessment involves making additional creatives for different channels to continue to differentiate the brand from those that may be trying to take over a particular audience.

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