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Why Use Facebook?

Facebook is one of the world’s leading social media networks. According to a study at the PEW Research Center, 68% of U.S. adults use Facebook as one of their social media platforms of choice. With the highest adoption rating, Facebook has become one of the strongest ways for businesses to acquire new customers.

Facebook also provides businesses with a way to appeal to customers through business listings. This enables brand names and businesses to communicate with their customers, offer them unique deals, and encourage engagement through social posts and communication. As a result, it is crucial for any business to ensure that they are not only on Facebook, but their Facebook presence is one that is positive and engaging.

Why hire a Facebook manager?

Even the most dedicated marketing enthusiasts can struggle to capture social media. Social media requires a different approach than traditional marketing or communication channels. With the rise of social media as a prominent way for people to get support and find businesses, it is becoming increasingly important to ensure that your Facebook page is properly managed.

Professional Facebook managers have the knowledge and expertise to be able to tread the social media waters. Making the wrong decision can cause problems ranging from a lack of engagement to negative reviews and communications. Consumers do research, and Facebook is often one of the first places they are likely to look. A Facebook manager knows how to create and maintain a positive brand image and understands how to navigate difficult conversations in an engaging way.

How webmedia.ltd Can Help

We offer boutique Facebook management services that focus on establishing your brand an authority on Facebook. Our Facebook strategies focus on identifying your target audiences on social media to develop a business page that offers engaging ongoing content to bring prospective buyers back to your page.


Before our Facebook managers begin their work, a full analysis is conducted to better understand your core audiences, your brand, and what your competitors are doing on Facebook. Having a complete view of the situation ensures that the strategy we develop takes into consideration different factors in your industry, branding initiatives that can have a huge impact on how social media is leveraged, and how other channels of communication generally handle online interactions.

Profile Optimization

While Facebook has a rather fixed layout, there are a number of different tools they provide to brand names to customize the brand experience. Our team uses different branding assets to create a visually desirable profile with accurate and detailed information. Offering users the right information ensures a positive experience with your brand. Optimizing a profile for the target audience puts the right message in front of them, giving your brand the best opportunity to convert them into a paying customer.

Content Creation

Creating online content is not a simple task. Our social media creative staff performs arduous research to better understand the industry. They work with independent industry professionals to ensure the accuracy and relevancy of different creative ideas. Each Facebook post offers the target audience with a topic to interest them, powerful storytelling, and a brand tie-in to remind the reader of the value the brand brings to the table. All of this is done in a natural way to prevent potential buyers from being turned away from cheesy marketing attempts.

Review Management

As a platform for reviews, Facebook offers businesses an excellent tool to help them convince buyers to make a purchase with them. Online reviews can be both a powerful tool for conversions and a nightmare when not handled correctly. Our Facebook management experts understand how to entice satisfied customers into leaving positive reviews while being proactive with negative reviews to connect with the reviewer to find the best way to solve their issue. Our team works with internal resources of each client to ensure that issues are being resolved quickly to turn negative reviews into positive ones.