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What Are Tripadvisor Ads?

With a database of over 8.1 million accommodations, airlines, experiences, and restaurants, travel website TripAdvisor is a great platform for businesses looking to connect and engage with travel consumers and guests.

Drive More Traffic with Tripadvisor Ads. Diners searching for restaurants on Tripadvisor are ready to decide. Tripadvisor Ads capture their attention — and drive them directly to your listing page.

Why Use Tripadvisor Ads?

Businesses listed on TripAdvisor can advertise on the site through Sponsored Placements for accommodations or TripAdvisor Ads for restaurants.

These restaurant advertisements also appear on top of search results. They target users looking for restaurants in your location or offering cuisines and prices similar to yours.

You only pay for these ads when a user clicks on it.

Preferred Placements

When diners search in your area, Tripadvisor Ads capture their attention by featuring your restaurant in key locations — including the first slot in your category

Qualified Traffic

Every click on a Tripadvisor Ad is highly qualified — a browser who’s ready to be converted into a customer on your Tripadvisor listing

No Risk

Pay only for the clicks you get — there’s no commitment, no hidden fees, and you can cancel any time

How do we Help?


We believe it is essential for any campaign to be grounded in real data and research. Discovery involves performing research in a number of different areas including keyword research, audience research, and competitor research to understand all factors which can influence the performance of a pay per click campaign. Through discovery, our team is able to determine the set of keywords, websites, and audiences to target for the campaign. Insight is also obtained about the creative approach needed for the campaign to succeed.


Developing a strategy involves taking all of the information gathered during the discovery phase and determining which data is most relevant to make decisions in terms of the strategy to employ for the campaign.


Access key trends and performance indicators on reputation insights, your market position, click activity, your photos and amenities, and demand trends.


Pay per click management is an ongoing process. Audiences evolve over time and their expectations change. As industries themselves change over time, so do the approaches competitors take to gain an edge in online advertising. Our Tripadvisor Ads management experts are constantly reassessing campaigns to find new and better ways to connect with relevant audiences.