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What is a website audit?

A website audit is a process used to locate different challenges and limitations a website is facing which are holding back its potential. Website audits are used on websites that are failing to perform as they were expected to in terms of performance, functionality, or even in terms of search performance. Our site audits involve a multiple-perspective analysis delving into the usability, search optimization, and functionality of a website.

How does it help my website?

Issues with a website are not always obvious from an inspection. Users could be running into issues that cause them to leave the website. This can cause lost sales and lost confidence in the products or services being provided. A website audit will identify the issues that can potentially lead to a reduction in revenue and propose a plan to resolve them.

How can webmedia.ltd assist me?

Webmedia.ltd is a full-service digital marketing agency. Our team can identify the issues your website faces and assist with resolving them. Our development team is available to fix issue at the code level while our content writing and SEO team members can assist with making improvements to improve how the website performs in search engines. A comprehensive analysis of your website can lead to a plan of action which can improve performance and maximize your website’s marketing potential.

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