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Become the Authority

When buyers are looking for the solution to their business problems, they are looking for a vendor with ample experience in solving them. A whitepaper is an excellent way to showcase your depth of knowledge and expertise on topics relating to the problem they are experiencing. A whitepaper can establish a strong trust between a vendor and their audience.

Whitepapers can often become a source for lead generation and a tool for closing the deal. Having a professional looking whitepaper with a solid presentation can set the buyer at ease and make the process of turning the buyer into a client a simpler process. If they get the feeling you’re an authority on the subject, you’ll have a much easier time closing the deal.

How We Do It

Topic Research

It can be difficult figuring out how to focus the topic of a whitepaper. Our authors are experienced at performing industry research, leveraging in-industry contacts, and determining the scope of a whitepaper. We can also work with your internal resources to leverage their knowledge and the challenges they face when communicating with a prospective buyer to solve them.

In-Depth Research

Once a topic has been picked, our authors use a variety of online tools and resources for research studies, industry statistics, and data made available through scientific journals to gather evidence required to produce the best whitepaper possible. Core resources used are cited in the whitepaper, allowing the reader and/or buyer the ability to verify the claims.

Whitepaper Design

The design of a whitepaper can be just as important as the content of the whitepaper. Our design team will create a professional quality design that appeals to the target audience and highlights the brand without distracting from the contents of the whitepaper. This helps establish a stronger brand with those reviewing the whitepaper and serves as free advertisement from industry professionals who share your whitepaper with their audiences.

Landing Page Design

A landing page is a great way to share a whitepaper online. By offering it through a landing page, you can learn about who is accessing the whitepaper, giving you an additional source of leads. Our conversion optimization experts work to ensure that your landing page is designed to give you the best chance to capture a lead and convert it into a paying customer.

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