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What is Ecommerce SEO?

As search engines use increasingly complex algorithms to route searchers around the web, they often treat individual searches differently. Ecommerce SEO focuses on optimizing an ecommerce website to help its products become found through both search engines and product searches online. Ecommerce SEO specialists understand the nuance of searching in ecommerce and build strategies that produce results at a granular level, helping online stores sell more products.

How does it benefit me?

In short, more search traffic means more opportunities to sell a product. Relevant traffic means a better conversion rate. Our ecommerce SEO strategies focus on increasing relevant traffic by identifying what someone is likely to search for when looking for a particular product and optimizing around those keywords. You’ll see an increase in traffic, sales, and your conversion ratio.

An ecommerce SEO strategy is a long-term strategy requiring months of investment to be able to see results. Search engines are constantly changing how they perceive websites and which factors they deem produce the most useful results for the end user. It can often take upwards of six months to see results, but the results can have a profound impact.

Our Strategy

Technical Analysis

A complete technical analysis involves a full website audit to identify issues with a website that may cause limited SEO performance, a look into how the website is represented online, and what competitors in the space are doing. All of this serves as a foundation for the ongoing strategy used to achieve the results. During this phase, keyword research is performed at a granular level to ensure the right keywords are being targeted for individual product pages in addition to key pages on the online store.

On Page Optimization

On page optimization involves updating content on product pages alongside ensuring that each product page has all of the information required to allow search engines to value the information within the listing. Different technical aspects of each page are analyzed and adjustments are made in areas including meta data on the page and the structure of the URLs. Our SEO experts work to ensure that technical limits are overcome to give more control over relevant information.

Off Page Optimization

Search engine optimization for online stores often relies on off page elements to build authority and ensure that products are being found online. Our SEO experts will investigate different channels where a product placement or reference can both be a powerful reference for web users and a relevant incoming link for the product. This also involves in ensuring that products are being found in relevant product directories where multiple online stores are catalogued to help enthusiasts and professionals find the products they need.

Reporting and Management

The job of an SEO expert is never done. SEO is an ongoing practice due to the competitive nature of selling products online. Often times the competition is continuing to invest in their SEO, thus it becomes important for us to continue to monitor search performance and to account for new developments within the algorithms used to determine placement. We continue to deliver reports on performance and efforts invested in on page and off page elements for SEO benefit. Maintenance is performed to ensure that investments are continuing to serve value for search performance and to replace lost links as websites change their structure or content over time.

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