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What is Video SEO?

Online video is one of the most engaging ways to reach web users. Video SEO services focus on helping visual content be found online. Our video SEO experts understand the different search platforms content consumers use to find interesting videos. Websites like YouTube and Vimeo offer businesses a unique way to educate consumers on the products and/or services that they provide in an engaging and entertaining way. Our SEO experts ensure that those videos are being found by the core audience.

How Can Video SEO Benefit Me?

Businesses are able to leverage online video as a way to spread a message and to increase their familiarity with the brand. Our video SEO services can expedite the process of serving online videos to web users by optimizing them for different video search websites.

What Can You Do For Me?

Our video SEO experts focus on optimizing the meta data associated with different videos and the channel the videos are hosted on in order to improve how different algorithms will be influenced by it. Additionally, our team works to ensure that a video is seeing online engagement which can often influence whether a video is being recommended to someone or not. Our team continues to conduct tests and research to determine different ways to increase a video’s exposure to a target audience.

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